So I downloaded and listened to Pinnacle Point for the first time the other night: WOW! Actually a great album with great songs that have originality and don’t sound like another generic classic progressive/arena rock album. Actually an album with substance and an ability to capture my attention and my heart. This album already has a hold on me and I’ve only listened to it twice. Jerome’s vocals sound just as great if not better than they ever have. I rediscovered them on the new Steve Walsh album after almost forgetting them on Angelica’s Walking In Faith album way back in the day. Not always having alot of money to play with i had to hold off on the purchase of this music jem until now. And wow! Well worth the wait. Thanks to your husband Dee for an album that soon will have an everlasting impact in my world. Every once in awhile an album comes along that seems to define my life at that moment in time, I believe this one just came along at the right time.