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Jerome MAZZA
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by Lynott on Jerome MAZZA


Il y a peu de chances que vous connaissiez Jerome Mazza, à moins que vous n’ayez écouté son premier album solo pop sorti en 2015, ou repéré ce chanteur américain lors de sa participation au dernier album ("Black Butterfly") de Steve Walsh - le frontman de Kansas. A moins que vous l'ayez remarqué lors de son passage chez Angelica, le groupe de metal chrétien canadien aux quatre albums (1989-1992), voire profité de ses talents vocaux sur le premier et unique album en date de Pinnacle Point (2017) que les amateurs de Kansas devraient écouter. Mais pour le cas où vous ne connaîtriez pas le Monsieur, voici une nouvelle occasion de le rencontrer puisqu’il s’est décidé en fin d’année dernière à sortir son nouvel opus en solitaire, "Outlaw Son".

Jerome Mazza vous est donc peut-être inconnu, mais le milieu n’est pas passé à côté de ses performantes cordes vocales, preuve en est que deux piliers du hard mélodique se sont associés ici à lui : Tommy Denander le guitariste/compositeur/producteur ayant travaillé avec quelques pointures comme RadioactiveStreet TalkTalismanPhenomenaHouse Of Lords et Last Autumn’s Dream(respect !) et le chanteur/compositeur Steve Overland ayant œuvré au sein de FMThe Ladder et Shadowland pour ne citer qu’eux. Le premier de ces messieurs officie à la six-cordes en associant ses talents à ceux de Mazza qui ne fait donc pas ici que pousser la ritournelle. Quant au second, il vient soutenir sur quelques morceaux les efforts vocaux de notre vedette du jour. Ces deux grands noms sont les géniteurs de l’ensemble des morceaux de cet opus. Autant dire qu’ils savent ce que mélodie veut dire.

Le hard FM développé ici remplit ainsi toutes ses obligations et ne les outrepasse pas. C’est donc sans aucune surprise que nous encaissons les douze morceaux qui nous sont proposés. "Encaisser" est le mot exact car se sont vraiment des uppercuts dont nous sommes saoulés sur la grande majorité des compositions de cet "Outlaw Son". Les hits s’enchaînent allègrement et font référence à des combos dont les aficionados du style apprécient tous les qualités. Nous en voulons pour preuve l’enlevé 'Neverland', coincé entre Night Ranger et Rick Springfield, l’entraînant 'Immortal' et le fulgurant 'Crossfire' qui sortent tout droit de chez Radioactive, le mid-tempo 'The Dark Side' où Khymera vient nous faire un clin d’œil et le Kansassien - sur les couplets - 'Streets On Fire'.

Mais vous ne faites certainement pas partie de cette confrérie des Mauvais Coucheurs et, pour peu que vous tombiez en pâmoison à l’écoute de la première belle mélodie venue, vous allez certainement hautement apprécier ce collier de perles easy listening. Cet "Outlaw Son" a de la tenue, qu’on se le dise !


Thank you, reviewer Lynott, from MusicWaves.fr

by Manuel Garcia on Jerome MAZZA
AORLAND: Jerome Mazza "Outlaw Son" Escape Music Review


Escape Music 23 November 2018




The Dark Side 

Streets On Fire 

The Last Goodbye 

Undercover Love 

Song For The People 

Save The Best Til Last 


Calm Before The Storm 

Outlaw Son 

Unfinished Business 


Jerome Mazza - Lead & Background vocals

Tommy Denander - Guitars / Keyboards

Steve Overland - Backing vocals

Brian Anthony - Bass

Chris Metzger - Drums / percussion


"Exquisite food only for very fine palates"

I really wanted to be able to get a record thanks to Jerome, whom I appreciate because of his kindness and good work especially after his return with records like Pinnacle point or Steve Walsh where his performance brushed the scandalously superb. After them he dared to launch alone this "Outlaw son" that part already of good birth with what should not disappoint me a bit. We will say that he was part of the Christian band Angelica where he highlighted above all with his album "Walking in faith" and where his influences by bands like Kansas were patent. 

In addition to the mixes and instrumentation is another of the people who perhaps have most marked my musical adventure in relation to the melodic terrain that is none other than Mr. Tommy Denander and as a guest of luxury none other than Steve Overland to the choirs. With all these wicks it is impossible that something could go wrong, or it would not have to be like that. We put ourselves with it and I will tell you my opinions on each topic that I hope will help you.

"Neverland", in a hard rock tone starts the album where Jerome's voice is countered with a chorus that gives a reply to each phrase but in many verses it "runs" and fails to sequence with the voice as it should, giving a a certain feeling of lameness in the subject that causes it to lose its packaging and can not shine as it should. A beginning somewhat irregular but can be repaired enough that only the game has just begun.

But after the initial small setback the arrival of "Immortal" opens the clouds in the sky and lets the sun's rays penetrate our room and illuminate our dwelling, which allows us to open the windows wide and get it to enter fresh air. With this we ventilate our ideas in order to acquire sensations that had been trapped in a somewhat tainted environment after listening to the first topic. Highlighting the immense work of Denander in each instrument (how his hand is seen across the length and breadth of each theme) especially topped with a scandal that accompanies an endless number of keyboards that accompany the theme and endow it with a caramelized layer that full without impaling. These are the types of topics that I really wanted to put a tiento to this record.

And we went up another step in our particular melodic staircase with "The dark side" where Mazza is incredible in the execution of the theme with a intonation on the skin while the theme is acquiring speed as the notes parade through the score, reaching the top with a refrain where the melody flows like a spring surrounded by choirs and keyboards that act as flowers and vegetation to achieve the impression of an oniric landscape in which to live.

A mattress of keyboards supports our whole being and makes us levitate 1 meter from the ground while the first chords of "Streets on fire" cling to the score not allowing us to escape but continue along it watching the rest of the happy notes of to be able to belong to such a work of art and all this adorned by the graceful pen of the author who skillfully fills the pentagram with the precision of a surgeon, avoiding to put the paw in no moment. What theme rather profiled and topped by fantastic choirs.

Half time to try to let us clear our mind before what we experienced before, from the hand of "The last goodbye" that tries to express us that farewell never wished but that often touches us "to suffer" in our lives for one or another circumstance but that we It serves as learning as our years are added to that unstoppable clock that leaves no time for rest. Pleasant subject to listen but that does not awaken the spark of others.

And the half-time wonder needed in these albums is provided by "Undercover love" where the vocal / choral play is an ode to good taste and how it should be done. It is a mastery that many of the composers of our time should tend to learn that tend to radiate boredom and repetitiveness, lately. I do not get tired of "squeezing" it to squeeze all that vocal power that has over the little more than 4 minutes that are made up to short.

"Song for the people" is one of those themes that Denander usually perpetrates with all the elegance but that remain a bit in no man's land with respect to the rest of the album and I explain myself. It has that melodic essence and some keyboards and guitar that denote very good work but it does not end up being those star themes that sketch a smile on my face and I simply make the sketch without further ado. Despite this, do not think that it is a bad subject.

If this topic tells me that I was filling in some of the FM releases, I think so, and that "Save the best til last" carries that structure of some of the records of that band, although seasoned and adapted by Denander. your knowledge. An overwhelming and very beautiful refrain that softens our spirit like that of those tender young that wrap themselves in their parents as soon as they are born, seeking shelter and protection.

And for me the best theme of the album is "Crossfire" where it combines what I need to feel in glory. The road marked by the keyboard and the guitar is so well paved that the wheels of the car caress its surface as when we passed the fingertips on that oily body of our partner that causes us an uncontrolled erection and does nothing but increase our wishes to own it in its entirety. I do not know if it is the most appropriate simile but the pleasure I feel when listening to this topic could be similar to that. And it is that the choirs, precise rhythm changes and the melody that covers it is simply the climax.

And never a subject was so successful in its title as "Calm before the storm" and that is that we need that cigarette after having enjoyed each other with the previous one. It is a somewhat more uncontrolled subject that is far from the grandiloquence shown and acts as a mere spectator in this work with no other facts than that of placing oneself in the chair as a mere spectator of the function.

The theme that gives title to this long duration "Outlaw are" is marked by an "aggressiveness" that until now was hidden behind those masks of keyboards that did not allow us to see the work of such an appreciated instrument. It does not contribute much more and it remains as the previous one witnessing how the story that they are representing us is going.

It seems that they look for the titles bet because "Unfinished business" is very successful since I am left wanting more since I have been a bit scarce when it comes to see everything they offer me and I am eager to discover more and more in future discs that I hope will not be delayed too much.

In short, a very good album that will delight the followers of Jerome and Denander and those who like the melody as a whole and enjoy each of these great musicians in their individual role and their respective groups. I think I've been a little "lame" at the end with some issues but I can my devotion for its members so you can forgive my qualification that some may seem somewhat exaggerated.

Highly Recommended 
Redactor: Manuel García

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Thank you, AORLAND.

by Duncan Jamieson on Jerome MAZZA
Jerome Mazza - Outlaw Son

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Escape Music

This album is an excellent vehicle for Mazza's rich AOR voice.  Mazza was in Christian rock outfit Angelica in the 90's but he's really come to people's attention since front the terrific AOR prog band, Pinnacle Point.  That then led him to contribute lead vocals to last year's Black Butterfly album from a reinvigorated Steve Walsh.  He actually sings much like Walsh and if you enjoyed that release then this will knock your socks off.  Like that album, it's the same team with Tommy Denander t the helm who is an artist that just knows how to craft glossy AOR material.  The songs are pitched somewhere between AOR era Kansas and Denander's Radioactive albums.  There are no missteps, each track brims over with melody, tasteful playing and strong lead and backing vocals. Some background vocals by FM's Steve Overland).  Pressed for standouts, I'd plump for "Neverland", "Streets On Fire", and "Undercover Love" early on and when most albums start to run out of steam, Mazza gives us some of the best tunes towards the end with the hummable "Crossfire", the strident title track "Outlaw Son" the Foreigner (underrates Johnny Edwards era) sounding "Unfinished Business", a track that throbs with bluesy rock power.  He released a more pedestrian, middle of the road solo album a few years back but this album demonstrates how with the right backing you can get the most out of an artist.  It's just great to hear the kind of classic American style AOR still being made.  Escape has built their reputation on records such as this and this one just oozes AOR class.


Reviewer:   Duncan Jamieson

Thank you, Duncan Jamieson, of PowerPlay Magazine. Great review and we all appreciate it very much. Jerome~

by Anonymous on Jerome MAZZA

No photo description available.BEST OF 2017 TOP 25 ROCK RELEASES FOR ROCKNATION.

1. NIGHT RANGER - Don’t Let Up
2. MR. BIG - Defying Gravity
3. PINNACLE POINT - Winds Of Change 
4. RIVERDOGS - California
5. KELDIAN - Darkness And Light
6. CHEAP TRICK - We’re All Alright
7. CYANIDE 4 - Nekyia
8. DEEP PURPLE - Infinite
9. REVOLUTION SAINTS - Light In The Dark
10. JEFF SCOTT SOTO - Retribution
11. TEQUILA SUNRISE - Danger Zone
12. STYX - The Mission
13. DEREK DAVIS - Revolutionary Soul
15. AILAFAR - Heartbeat
16. AOR - Rare Tracks & Demos
17. VAN ARX - Stand Together For Rock and Roll
18. BROKEN TEETH - 4 On The Floor
19. ROMEO RIOT - Sing It Loud!
20. AOR - The Heart Of L.A
22. MARK SLAUGHTER - Half Way There
24. THE STEEL - The Evolution of Love

by Anonymous on Jerome MAZZA
Best Albums 2017

Melodic Crossroads

Saturday, January 27, 2018 MELODIC ROCK - The Best Albums 2017 / Best Albums 2017 Best Album 2017 / Best Album 2017

01. JIM JIDHED - Push On Through (2017 - AOR Heaven)

02. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Amber Galactic (2017 - Nuclear Blast) 03. REVOLUTION SAINTS - Light In The Dark (2017 - Frontiers Records)
03. REVOLUTION SAINTS - Light In The Dark (2017 - Frontiers Records)

04. HAREM SCAREM - United (2017 - Frontiers Records) 05. BOULEVARD - IV - Luminiscence (2017 - MelodicRock Records)
05. BOULEVARD - IV - Luminiscence (2017 - MelodicRock Records)
06. HOUSTON - III (2017 - Livewire / Cargo Records)
07. ECLIPSE - Monumentum (2017 - Frontiers Records)
08. WILDNESS - Wildness (2017 - AOR Heaven)
09. SCHERER / BATTEN - BattleZone (2017 - MelodicRock Records)
10. PINNACLE POINT - Winds Of Change (2017 - Perris Records)

11. LIONVILLE - A World Of Fools (2017 - Frontiers Records)

12. ONE DESIRE - One Desire (2017 - Frontiers Records)

13. BROTHER FIRETRIBE - Sunbound (2017 - Spinefarm Records)

14. DEGREED - Degreed (2017 - Gain Music Entertainment )

15. COASTLAND RIDE (2017 - Avenue Of Allies Music)

16. MARTINA EDOFF - We Will Align (2017 - AOR Heaven)

17. TOKYO MOTOR FIST - Tokyo Motor Fist (2017 - Frontiers Records)

18. LIONHEART - Second Nature (2017 - AOR Heaven)

19. AILAFAR - Heartbeat (2017 - Perris Records)

20. SAVE THE WORLD - One (2017 - Independent)

21. RAINTIMES - Raintimes (2017 - Frontiers Records)

22. ROMEO RIOT - Sing It Loud (2017 - Kivel Records)

23. HOUSE OF LORDS - Saints Of The Lost Souls (2017 - Frontiers Records)

24. MIKE + THE MECHANICS - Let Me Fly (2017 - BMG)

25. STAN BUSH - Change The World (2017 - LA Records)

A HUGE thank you to ENCRUCIJADA MELODICA for naming PINNACLE POINT #10 for 2017 top 25 melodic rock releases. We truly appreciate it!

by Sandro Buti on Jerome MAZZA
Loud And Proud reviews Pinnacle Point

Loud and Proud

PINNACLE POINT - 'Winds Of Change'

Sometimes the disks arrive in an unusual way. It is the case of the Pinnacle Points. Read a review on a positive German magazine. But above all, Kansas is cited as a term of comparison. Enough to get in search of the record. Perris Records, not exactly easy to recover, at least at a civil price. When you can do it, discover several interesting things. For starters, the Pinnacle Point monicker indicates a solo project more than a band. Behind 'Winds Of Change' is the Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen, a solid solo career behind, as well as spent in Fate, Fatal Force and Section A. Here, he also deals with bass and keyboards. But above all it accompanies - and shares the songwriting - with the American vocalist Jerome Mazza, passed years ago for the Angelica. Clear and powerful voice, but also very warm and expressive. And above all, singer on the last solo album by Steve Walsh. And here the circle in some ways closes, because the comparison with Kansas is absolutely spot on. Not only do Pinnacle Point offer us an elegant hard rock with progressive references - and a pinch of AOR. But in their music also insinuates a violin, sometimes suffused, at other times excruciating, but always apt and effective. Need more to introduce 'Winds Of Change' properly? It would be a shame not to mention the talents of songwriters of Enevoldsen and Mazza, more oriented to hard rock the first, more strongly influenced by Kansas the second, both however able to find really compelling melodies, both moving on more substantial territories (the blood) Damage Is Done ') that going to touch more elegant atmospheres (the conclusive' With You '). If we consider that the title-track would probably be a highlight even if it were a direct work of Kansas, then we can also forgive the Pinnacle Points an objectively latent originality. Without any preconditions, 'Winds Of Change' proves to be a well-groomed record, with great elegance. And give us an hour of great music.

01. Prelude
02. Homeward Bound
03. Damage Is Done
04. All We Need To Know
05. Changes
06. Winds Of Change
07. Part Of Me
08. Never Let Go
09. What Will It Take
10. Sail Away
11 With You

Jerome Mazza - voice
Torben Enevoldsen - guitar, bass, keyboards
Dennis Hansen - battery
Cara C - violin

Thank you, Loud and Proud. We appreciate it very much.

by Carl Noonan on Jerome MAZZA

No photo description available.

Image may contain: 6 people, text

Thank you, Rocktopia & Fireworks Magazine and reviewer Carl Noonan for your write-up in Issue 85 and interview.

by Wim Reuter on Jerome MAZZA

Jerome Mazza - Outlaw SonJerome Mazza - Outlaw Son

Label : Escape Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim Reuter. : Call it coincidence, but last year former Kansas singer Steve Walsh’s final solo album ‘Black Butterfly’ topped my year list. Link with this album is singer Jerome Mazza. Walsh asked Mazza to guest on some songs. He immediately convinced and surprised many with his incredible range and resemblance to Walsh his voice. The former Angelica singer made a huge impact and return on the melodic scene. Now, here we have Mazza’s solo album ‘Outlaw Son’. Mazza collaborated with Tommy Denander on this album. This Swedish guitarist and composer is a well-known name in the AOR scene. This album definitely has Denander his stamp on it, just listen to his guitar and keyboard parts and compositions. Another known name is Steve Overland. The FM singer contributes backing vocals and has a vocal duet with Mazza on ‘Streets On Fire’. And…what a cracker of an album this is. Thirteen songs of sheer melodic rock as it is meant to be played and sung. The excellent musicianship really makes all of the songs shine. With thirteen songs, you normally would have a weak song or two. Not in this case. This album is too short! Survivor, in its glory days, is a good resemblance to what you can expect. Although the guitar work is way more crunchy. Not bad at all!  Too bad Mazza gets his share of the limelight at this age. If we would have known Mazza earlier we would have been able to enjoy his great voice earlier. And I conclude with one last resemblance to Walsh’s ‘Black Butterfly’. This album will top my year list this year.

94 / 100

Thank you, Wim Reuter from Lords Of Metal Magazine for this great review of Outlaw Son: 94/100.

by Rock It! Magazine and Rock Garage Magazine on Jerome MAZZA
Top rock albums for 2018

Great year for music. Rock It! Magazine, www.myrevelations.de & Rock Garage Magazine

Image may contain: 1 person


Thank you, Rock It! Magazine and Rock Garage Magazine for naming Outlaw Son in your top rock albums list for 2018.

by Lino Rox on Jerome MAZZA

2018 is coming to an end and here’s the YEAR’s TOP 20 as it was seen by AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show host ?
Happy Holidays everyone! Keep it MELODIC!


–  Lino “AmadeuS” R.  –

1- Jerome Mazza – Outlaw Son


2- Nitrate – Real World


3- Universe Infinity – Rock is Alive


4- Mass – When 2 Worlds Collide

MASS - When 2 World Collide front cover

5- Heartwind – Higher and Higher


6- Hank Erix – Nothing But Trouble

unnamed (25)

7- White Widdow – Victory


8- Bonfire – Temple of Lies


9- Creye – ST


10- King Company – Queen of Hearts


11- Kissin’ Dynamite – Ecstasy


12- Maverick – Cold star dancer


13- Sapphire Eyes – Breath of Ages

Sapphire Eyes - Breath of Ages - Artwork.jpg

14- Tony Mitchell – Beggars Gold


15- Michael Schinkel’s Eternal Flame – Smoke on the mountain


16- TEN – Illuminati

unnamed (22)

17- Signal Red – Under the Radar


18- Midnite City – There goes the Neighbourhood


19- Johan Kihlberg’s Impera – Age of Discovery


20- Firmo – Rehab

news_Cover definitiva_5b505c0f9c626



So humbled! Outlaw Son #1 Melodic Rock Release for 2018. Thank you so much., Lino Rox / Amadeusrockradio.com and congratulations to all of the bands on this top 20 list.

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